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Brand Identity Workbook

Brand Identity

This workbook is designed to help define your brand identity and aid in an incredible design journey together.

Your brand is your company’s voice. It is the identity that leaves an impact and sets you apart from your competition. Brand design is an essential aspect of your company’s image and it has the potential to make a lasting impression in an instant. We want to make sure that we understand you and your business, by establishing a distinguishable brand identity. Creating a brand with strong values, greater connections and that resonates with you and your target audience.

The 5 Brand Pillars

(the foundations of your brand)

Purpose - Perception - Personality - Position - Promotion

Your details

1. Purpose
Purpose can be described as the mission and foundation of your company. The integrity of being a purpose-driven company comes from your commitment to stay true to your core.

2. Perception
The way your brand is viewed both internally and externally, through messaging, design, online reviews, advertising, first-hand experiences with your brand and your word-of-mouth reputation.

3. Personality
This will influence your brand’s voice, design, colour palette, and much more. Having a brand personality and using it consistently throughout your sales, marketing and communications, builds a brand your audience can relate to. 

4. Position
When you can define your position and audience we can deliver a strategic analysis of your business competitors and create a ‘point of difference’ for your own brand identity.

5. Promotion
Promotion includes all the ways you introduce, engage, entice, and motivate customers to connect with your brand and choose your offerings over others. A comprehensive ‘Brand Style Guide’ of your new brand identity is a MUST to ensure that your brand standards are consistent throughout your promotional collateral.

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